Brukenthal Museum - Contemporary Art Gallery, Sibiu, 28.03. - 15.04.2008.
BERSZAN, "Punct ochit - Punct lovit", personal exhibition
Berszan has a very theoretical story. With a con good laboratory for light. Berszan records what a good observer notices. Then he mixes in a clearly programmed way the icons of our modernity. Berszan's secret theory of the black drawing stands against contemporary, popular concepts about drawing / gesture, expressiveness, more or less communication. The status of the line leaves graphism to become a pulse. Then there is a script for research which offers a for re-structive logic he leads his story to the limit of the supportable and of the aesthetics. Even if his images appear to be lateral, drawing remains a fractional element. His indecision is uncomfortable. The mountain of questions subsists in black. Because black is a search which offers a certain level of illusion and a certain black possession of the reality. Berszan does not say a thing about the intimacy of his subject. The inherent tensions and contradictions come directly from the used material's qualities.
There is a moment when the black drawing and composition become what they have to become. Mystery is methodically constructed. Nothing remains allusive.
The line's anatomy and the conceptual contact with the black material records a strange freedom of the experiment in a controlled way. Nothing is didactic, illustrative or symbolic. Everything is modified, researched and directed to this strange freedom of experiment.

Liviana DAN, curator and art critic, Brukenthal Museum