Slobozia street 34, Bucharest,
8th November 2013 - 15th February 2014





Zsolt Berszan,
Istvan Betuker
Mircea But
Kyle Fitzpatrick
Adrian Ghiman
Pavel Grosu
Bandi Sasa
Rashid Uri
Szabolcs Veres

"Absorption" offers a way of probing the interplay of contemporary society through new modes of artistic interpretation. The nine artists chosen to shape the exhibition project "Absorption" propose new ways of relating and integrating the artistic representation of contemporary art addressing problems both in the content and the form.."Absorption" is the result of the collaboration between the artists that form the core of the contemporary art space Bazis in Cluj Napoca – Zsolt Berszán, István Betuker and Szabolcs Veres, and the invited artists Mircea But, Bandi Saşa, Pavel Grosu, Adrian Ghiman, graduates of the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca, and two artists from aboard that, during the year of 2013, benefited from a residency program at Bazis, namely the artists Kyle Fitzpatrick (USA) and Rashid Uri (Italy).

“Absorption” proposes two ways of interpreting the works of the nine artists: a radicalization of the pictorial discourse by using action painting full of force and colour where are brought into discussion issues related to form and composition and a representation that is truncated, distorted of a dehumanized and fragmentary society. The nine artists approach the idea of destruction, death, decay, as being the point 0 (zero) of creation. Bandi Saşa is preocupaied by the malignant evil of contemporary society. At the antipole, Kyle Fitzpatrick proposes a confrontation with matter after the loss of mystery. The works of Adrian Ghiman bring into discussion the ideas of self-destruction, decay, sickness that lead to a split representation of the world. At Pavel Grosu the act of destruction triggers the creative act; the idea of death becomes a pretext to question new ways of artistic expression. Szabolcs Veres fragmentizes the human figure, and after that he recomposes it within an unusal order that triggers a new type of grotesque deformed sensuality. Betuker proposes a series of portraits that are completely depersonalized as a result of composition and colour exercises. At Zsolt Berszán everything becomes fluid materiality, absorptive, organic. In this way, distorted surfaces and strange structures appear and describe a non-finite of the beginning and end. Mircea But is interested in investigating the pictorial possibilities of representation that appear as a result of some fractures of gestural rhythm between natural and artificial. Rashid Uri captures the evironment in continuous motion by paying sharp attention to the dynamics of the pictorial gesture. 

At first reading "Absorption" is an exhibition about the materiality representation method , but after a multiple readings we can see that the exhibition explores the human being abyss.

The exhibition "Absorption" was designed in collaboration with Bazis contemporary art space in Cluj-Napoca

Curator: Diana Dochia