Slobozia street 34, Bucharest,
, 18th October - 14th November, 2014
"RESIDUUM", Zsolt BERSZAN, solo exhibition



Zsolt Berszán is a graduate of University of Art and Design, Cluj - Napoca, Romania. Zsolt’s Berszán artistic creation and exhibition already extend over a decade, during which the artist was exhibited both in Romanian galleries and museums and in galleries and museums abroad. One of the most ample and important solo show abroad is the one that took place in 2010, “Genesis Project” at MODEM - Centre for Modern and Contemporary Arts, Debrecen, Hungary. Another major participation was within the group exhibition from 2012 “European Travelers - Art from Cluj Today” organized by the Műcsarnok - Contemporary Art Museum from Budapest, where the artist Zsolt Berszán presented four great sizes drawings and two concrete objects.
Another monographic exhibition entitled "Decomposition” where the artist exhibited installations, objects and large scale paintings took place this year in Venice, at Reale Società Cantottieri Bucintoro. A selection of paintings, objects and sculpture of the exhibition presented in Venice will be presented for the first time to the public in Bucharest within the exhibition “Residuum”.
The project “Residuum” continues Zsolt’s Berszán attempt to capture and intercept the primordial turmoil. The artist is preoccupied by the human body in a state of decomposition, by what happens with the human body at the time of its separation from materiality. The central theme of the exhibition focuses on the idea of what remains from the body after death. The human body loses its integrity by decomposing in thousands of pieces. The idea of “body in pieces” is extremely present in all works of the artist. The state of physical decay, mutilation, gradual decomposition forces the viewer to an intensive analysis of the concepts of life and death. Of what we are and what will we become.
Installation, objects and paintings in black silicone come into existence as a result of some fragmentations and violent deconstructions of the composition appearing distorted masses and bizarre structures that depict a fluid, absorptive and organic materiality

Curator: Diana Dochia